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Great game, waiting the final release. Is there any chance in this version of the game to avoid SCP-087-1 (face) ?

Is there an ending?

Super jeu bon graphismes

That was a pretty good remake/remaster of SCP-087. Compared to 087 remakes I have played that was pretty good. Made a video on it.

Walking sim.
Man, some nostalgic vibes on this one. Decent controls, thanks.

I found 2 of strange green "artifact" looking things, 5 bodies, returned back onto 1st floor, nothing changed there. Thought i was tasked with body search and artifact?

Some things i noticed.

If you hug the central railing and look 40 degrees to the left, while presing W+D, you will "slide" on railing, increasing your speed.

youre ingame description of staircase and enviroments does not match ingame stairs and enviroments.. you wrote it..

"lightsource is necessary, since there is no light fixutres" And yet there are lights.

and general shape of staircase doesnt match the thing...
 but whatever. Game felt allright.

Good job and thank you

 cool game

i just found a remain but no i cannot move like jinko in the video

Hey, that was a bug and it's now fixed in 0.15.

Okay tyvm


love it

Thank you :)


In short - a similar experience to living in a flat in Eastern Europe.

But being serious, SCP-087 is really tense and creepy  as hell in this one.


Thanks for playing :)