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ummm... can someone tell me what is the system requirements of this game?

I downloaded the game, but i was missing the unityplayer.dll, so i redownloaded it in hopes that it would appear, but when i redownloaded it, even less files were present.If i could get some assistance it would be appreciated

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This game was awesome. You managed to take the best parts of horror games and slap it together into a single coherent experience. I'd love to see where this game could go. I played it with a jumpscare and moan counter to see just how many times I was scared shitless.

Your game thoroughly scared me and kicked me around like an infant fighting a seven year old...Great job!GIANT SCARY SPIDER MONSTER Here's my video on it if anybody wants to check it out! 

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I made a little video about your game! and I just wanna say that I like it! the atmosphere gave me Amnesia vibes! although the jumpscares tend to get old in about 10 minutes, the game was good nonetheless, I also made a short review (a full one coming soon) at the end of the video just so I can help you with your career as a Developer (Please do take notes about them if you're planning to watch the video because I think I made some criticisms and one of them is regarding the repetitive jumpscares that I think will help you a lot)! 

Oh, and I forgot to mention a bug or a glitch; the monster that chases you can phase through doors which makes them harder to avoid and/or hide from! It would be nice if there's some kind of door-break animation if they spotted me going to a room just so the monster wouldn't appear so ghostly! again, I like your game, it's not perfect but definitely in the (almost) above average side!

I saw this game and was instantly intrigued, and it scared the shit out of me. I totally like this game although jump scares get a bit too repetitive (even though it still scared me everytime), I like the dark and mysterious aesthetic.  

De los mejores juegos de terror, me asusto de verdad, icreible ambientacion

aqui el gameplay en ESPAÑOL

I see where you got your inspiration  from.. ;) great game none the less!

POSSIBLY the scariest game I've EVER played...This game could take you days OR it could take just one sitting to complete.

The complete and utter helplessness you feel while playing this game is very rare to see in games. This game doesn't hold your may need to find someone to hold your hand after seeing your first monster! 😂

I can happily say I beat the game and here is my video of the "Otherwordly," gameplay. (Starts at 6:28) I hope you enjoy the video and you try this great game for yourself!

Gave it a go...

Gave it a go...

Totally awesome! It's hard to scare me and this scared me

I was once a princess until they banished me to the Otherworld. They thought I would give up and die...they were wrong...I escaped. 


This is really well done! I wasn't able to beat it, but I had a lot of fun with it! I couldn't get to the exit at the end so maybe having it marked on the map would help, but that's a nitpick.

There was also a part where one of the other monsters got stuck on a skeleton,  so maybe if the other monsters can pass through them that'll  keep that from happening? 

I'd like to record this again to try and beat it, especially if you do end up expanding on it!


The first 6 seconds of this video tells you how much I liked this game!

This reminds me of Dungeon Nightmares and Dreadhalls.. interesting.

the creature was crazy lol

Made a video

I'm so dead 😂

Very similiar to Dungeon Nightmares but its actually scarier :)

Heres a drunk let’s play

Very cool game. Reminded me a lot of Dungeon Nightmares. 

A stamina bar would also be very handy.