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So, I Decompiled The Game, And I Found Many Textures For, A Plant, Bathroom, And All That, Is The Entire House Textured Or Something? Also, Theres A Script Labelled, Dev Console, So, Working On Activating That, And If I Cant Activate It, Can You Answer The First Question?

This game is lowkey hard hehehe 

me and my friend playing if anyone is intrested

Stupid game

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It won't let me download it bro . any advice and help?Well it does not let me play the game due to it won't start up.

Came from Jay


Don't get Caught Fapping - And there goes Monetization options! - Also, I think there's too many HARD ELEMENTS TO THIS GAME - Pun intended, but, I think the difficulty is too high.

New version is way easier.

It's better than shadows 1-2 Combinet ''JUST KIDDING''

Funny XD